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21 Top Football Rivalries in Football History You Must Know

We are going to discuss top football rivalries in football history among different nations and the stories behind them.

Let’s begin !!!!


1. Chile chile football team   vs. Peru  Peru football team

The football rivalry between Peru and Chile termed as, Clásico del Pacífico, in Spanish, it means “a direct reference to the Pacific Ocean, which borders both countries’ coastlines.” Chile dominated over Peru most of the times when both teams met on the playing field. Chile won 45 matches, Peru won 21 games whereas 14 matches were drawn.

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2. China china football team  vs. South Korea South korea football team

Every time both the teams met on the football ground, always a one-sided match. South Korea winning streak was over in 2010 when China beat South Korea after 28 losing 28 consecutive games.

3. Slovakia slovokia football team vs. Czech Republic czech football team flag

After 1993 split both teams play against each other to some extent of rivalry.

4. Portugal  vs. Spain Spain fifa World cup football team

One of the oldest rivalries, With a background of Spanish–Portuguese War (1776–77), both the neighbors played against each other with full force.

Both teams played 35 matches against each other in the battlefield of football. Spain managed to beat Portugal 16 times & Portugal became victorious for only six (6)times, whereas 13 draws.

5. Honduras Honduras  vs. El Salvador El salvador

In 1969 both the neighbors went to war with thousands of killings and displacement. Both the teams over some conflicts almost went to war over a football match, but El Salvador won that match.

6. France France football team flag vs. Italy  Italy football team flag

Being the two great European footballing nations, have an exciting rivalry. Both played 38 number of games till to date. Italy managed 18 wins over France while France defeated Italy only ten (10) times, whereas, ten (10) matches were drawn. The most significant victory of Italy over France is 7–0 in a friendly game in 1925.

An epic clash of 2006 world cup final is unforgettable not only for both the nations but also for the whole universe of football fans due to the Zidane’s headbutt on Marco Materazzi.

7. Sweden Sweden football team flag   vs. Denmark  Denmark Football team

Sweden was regarded as a winner after Christian Poulsen hit Markus Rosenberg in the stomach.

Danish spectator also came in the ground and tried to punch the referee after that decision.

8. Iran  Iran football team      vs.   Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia football team flag

Due to conflict on Shia & Sunni issue, tension exists among both the nations in and out of the playing ground. In close contesting matches, Iran managed to win 6 Games out of 14, Saudi Arabia won 5, whereas three games were drawn.

9. Albania albania vs. Serbia Serbia football team

This rivalry came into existence just four years before when the match abandoned after on and off the ground incidents between Albania & Serbia.

10. Japan japan football team    vs.     South Korea South korea football team

Being Asian sporting nations, both played 78 games. South Korea won 41 matches, Japan won 14 games, whereas, 23 games were decided as a tie.

The match between the two countries termed as nikkansen or haniljeon in their respective languages.

11. Netherland Netherland fifa world cup football team flag   vs. Belgium 

The Belgium-Holland football rivalry is because of the Benelux region that both nations sit upon.

Total 127 Matches were played among both the teams, Netherland won 56 matches, Belgium won 41, whereas, 30 games were drawn.

12. Uruguay Uruguay football team flag  vs. Brazil Brazil football team

More than 67 years of rivalry among the nations, the “Phantom 50” is still not forgotten , the most destructive loss of Brazil against Uruguay in 1950 World cup match on there own soil. Out of 76 matches Brazil managed to win 38 matches, in 21 matches Uruguay defeated Brazil, whereas, 17 matches were drawn.

13. Scotland  scotland football team vs. England England football team flag

Due to past conflict among nations on borders, this match couldn’t be regarded as simple one.

14. Germany Germany football team  vs Italy Italy football team flag

Both teams are most successful teams in the world of football. The World cup semi-final 1970 among both teams regarded as “Game of the Century” & 2006 Semi-final as one of the great game of the modern era.

15. Mexico Mexico football team   vs. USA  usa football team

Mexico dominated over USA for 80 years and never lost a single game at home. In 2004, Mexico defeated USA with 4-0 and chanted Osama Bin Laden on their win with a pretext that the USA player allegedly urinated on the pitch during practice session, who actually urinated place near the bushes.

16. Algeria  vs. Egypt Egypt football team

Algeria & Egypt dislike each other as both were separated by Libya. In 1989 match took place under the security of 15000 policemen, even then ends up with criminal proceedings. In 2009 Algeria visited Egypt but unfortunately ended up with injuries of three players.

17. England  England football team flag   vs. Argentina Argentina football team flag

England vs. Argentina matches is among the most watched events. Both the teams had played 14 games. England defeated Argentina 6 times, Argentina won 3, whereas five (5) matches were drawn.

18. Netherland Netherland fifa world cup football team flag   vs. Germany  Germany football team

The participation of Netherlands in World War II against Nazi Germany is the reason of there rivalry.

Rivalry among both the nations can be judged by this comment made by Will Van Hanegem during 1974 Fifa Football World Cup.

“I didn’t give a damn about a score. 1-0 was enough, as long as we could humiliate them. I do not like them. It’s because of World War 2.”

Germany defeated Netherland 15 times, Netherland won 10 matches whereas 15 matches were drawn.

19. Croatia Croatia Football team vs. Serbia Serbia football team

Until 1991, Croatia and Serbia were part of Yugoslavia and, due to border disputes, there was unrest among these two countries. 1999 match between Croatia vs. Serbia took place but end up 0-0 draw. Protests, riots & power outage also witnessed during this match.

20. Germany Germany football team  vs. England  England football team flag

Germany & England played 32 football international matches so far. Germany won 15 matches, England defeated Germany 13 times whereas 4 matches were drawn.

21. Brazil  Brazil football team  vs. Argentina Argentina football team flag

Brazil & Argentina played 108 games. Brazil won 44 matches, Argentina defeated Brazil 39 times whereas 25 games were drawn.


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Updated: June 7, 2018 — 11:06 am

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